If a well kept lawn is at the top of your list, and lawn mowing is close to the bottom, then a robotic lawnmower is the best solution. In fact, unless you are a really skilled lawn care specialist, you wont be able to beat a robot mower when it comes to results.

On especially demanding lawns, you can rely on the Automower AWD, where the excellent all-wheel-drive easily handles slopes of up to 70%, around the clock.

Depending on the model, you can enjoy full control of the mower via a smart phone or tablet, silent operation and no garden waste to dispose of. These mowers will also work in any weather conditions down to 0 degrees. They can handle complex shaped gardens, narrow passages and even travel to various different garden areas over paths and driveways.

As well as selling the mowers, we also provide a full installation service. We can survey your garden to see which model would be correct for you, and install your robotic lawnmower, providing aftercare advice and winter storage.

For further advice or to arrange a survey visit, please contact us today.