A hedge needs time and care to stay healthy. Different hedges need different types of tools, which is important to keep in mind when buying a hedge trimmer. All Husqvarna hedge trimmers are powerful, precise and efficient to give great results every time. 

Machines designed to make your work easier. 

No matter if you choose to use a battery or petrol powered hedge trimmer, the overall robust design will provide a long service life and make sure your trimmer makes easy work of even the toughest task. .

We supply extended hedge trimmers, to reach difficult places without losing performance, with the ability to reach over 4m. We also supply regular, double sided hedge trimmers for flexible handling, or single sided hedge trimmers to allow straight cuts in one movement.

All machines are available in either battery or two stroke.

Prices range from as little as £230 all the way up to £700, please contact us for more information.