If you’re buying your first tractor & have a smaller or mid-size garden, enquire about our 100 series tractors. Equipped with chokeless start for easy starting and pedal-operated automatic transmission, these compact tractors offer easy & safe operation, making them ideal for for beginners.

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For a mid-sized or larger garden, you’ll need more capacity & comfort. Our 200 series are well-equipped tractors with tight turning radius, reinforced cutting decks and electric blade engagement to enable excellent manoeuvrability, easier and more effiecient mowing with less uncut areas.
If you use your tractor more frequently- even-all-year-round -or will be mowing larger areas, you’ll appreciate our 300 series of powerfuk, comfortable and well equipped tractors with convenient features to guarantee a superb result. A wide range of attachments and a built-in choice of several cutting methods give these large tractors excellent usability all year round.

Prices range from £2000 to £4500

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